A world without (MF) DOOM

You will always be remembered, Metal Faced Villain

Good evening everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your mid-July period and are looking towards the dog days of summer (I sure as hell am not). As I venture on with my life, I sometimes catch myself making reflections on myself personally and I always look to music to paint the pictures for me that my memory could not. Of course being an emotional music fan and listener, it helps to connect a ton with my past and I can’t think of an artist to do that than Danial Dumile himself aka MF DOOM.

As this isn’t a biographical blog post so I’m not going to explain his background and upbringing (Although I could if you need it. It’s pretty deep!), I can bring up the influence he left. DOOM died on Halloween 2020, but the news hit the fanbase that New Years’ Eve. No one really knows other than his close family and honestly, it’s best to stay that way.

When I got into MF DOOM in high school (and that small period when he hosted Adult Swim’s Christmas Special in middle school), I was taken aback by his wordplay and the necessities he took to remain “his own boss”. He never got into trends and kept up with amazing beat production and concepts that were unheard of on his level. DOOM is legendary, “your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper”, and an icon! I was floored when he passed considering how much I’ve been around him.

It’ll be two years this year that the legendary MC passed and each year I grow fonder of the music that him and others have left us in their absence. Listening to Amy Winehouse in my thirties is an experience because I didn’t understand how powerful she was when she was in her prime because I was too young. This is how amazing music is for me and most like me.

This post is just to say: Thank you MF DOOM.

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