Front House!

Hey, welcome to the Official Christyle Inc. blog! Haven’t really had the chance to viably explain who I am and what Christyle really is so treat this as a really candid review of myself! 

 I’m Christopher Curtis!

 I’ve been writing on and off for several years since high school and recently re-found myself over the past 2 years. I’ve self-published a children’s book for my daughter,wrote a manga, and have several works of fiction being made all in my spare time. When I’m not slacking off on everything I’ve ever started, I’m either on Xbox wishing I did that thing I wanted to do or cooking. I have 2 daughters and a wife who supports everything I do. During the non-writing parts of my life, I work in education as a computer literacy teacher and teacher aide in both middle school and high school.

Now, the fun part.

Christyle (The blending of the word “Chris” and “Style”) was something that I made up in elementary school back when the popular alcohol drink “Cristal” was pronounced as such. I heard it in a song, figured they meant “Chris Style” and…that’s it. No real hard story or realization as such. When I rebranded as a writer, I needed a brand name, and BOOM there it was. Sorry if you expected a superstar story of amazing wonder.

So what exactly is my goal?

To write ANYTHING I want and for YOU to be able to have both representation and to enjoy it in its mediums. I want to write stories for manga, books, movies, and comic books, especially black and gay narratives! I’ve gone a long time in my life (I’m 30 at the time I wrote this) seeing people write about us while…not being us so the narratives are either skewed or inaccurate. I believe that everyone deserves to read or even see themselves in entertainment mediums in ways that aren’t both minstrel or shrouded in “cultural apathy”. 

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Thanks for reading!