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My top 5 favorite DC Comics movies

A while ago, I made a list of my top 5 favorite (and non-favorite) Marvel movies. With the few people who converse with me about my blog outside of my site, I started a stance that made people feel as though I’ve only been watching Marvel movies and haven’t seen a DC one. Never fear, because I’ve been engrossed in comic culture for all of my life and actually have more affinity for DC Comics than Marvel, although there are more characters I love on Marvel’s side than DC’s. The list after the jump and as always, the list is in no particular order.

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Indie Comic Review: King of N0thing

Good evening, reader(s)! Every now and then, I come across some comic creators in the wild that I see putting their heart and soul into their works and I often ask myself “What can I do to help?” Sometimes I just like the post or maybe even back the Kickstarter and move on, but other times I see the struggle it takes to create. Hell, I’m a comic writer who’s about to attempt a much better Kickstarter on top of operating my first Author’s Fair table next month in Indianapolis, IN (I’ll advertise that once we’re a week out from that). This is my way of helping: by crossing the people who potentially lay eyes on my blog site and the ones who need exposure.

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My manga/comic characters via their music vibe

As a way to build hype to my newest Kickstarter effort, I’ve created a little chart so you could see how they really are personally. Let me know who is your favorite based on this graphic and check the Kickstarter link after the jump!

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A world without (MF) DOOM

You will always be remembered, Metal Faced Villain

Good evening everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your mid-July period and are looking towards the dog days of summer (I sure as hell am not). As I venture on with my life, I sometimes catch myself making reflections on myself personally and I always look to music to paint the pictures for me that my memory could not. Of course being an emotional music fan and listener, it helps to connect a ton with my past and I can’t think of an artist to do that than Danial Dumile himself aka MF DOOM.

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