Sex Work: A valid occupation or [Redacted for inaccurate 2nd choice]

You read the graphic, don’t second guess it!

I’ve seen this topic slung around more and more from people who barely view McDonalds employees as “real workers”, but it’s been garnering attention from a lot of people I do respect who talk about it a lot. Sex work is EXACTLY what you think it entails from physical contact to erotica authors and advertisements in scantly clad bikinis to webcam shows on pornography to even submitted pornography on those same sites. Hell, I consider SERVERS in restaurants to be sex workers the way they generally teach females how to borderline flirt to make a living because yes “sex sells”. However, with most of these things not being regulated on taxed income for the individual, does that make sex work “real work”?

The answer is and will always be; YES.

Sex work has always been looked down by the “moral high crowd” who think women (or men, because YES they exist too) shouldn’t be able to use their bodies to exonerate a cash flow from a willing individual and thinks it promotes other shady activity. These are the same people who think weed is a gateway to anything other than a short stay in a bed taking a nap with Cheetos and Frosted Flake crumbs all around them. Sex work is simple: Two consenting (<– Keyword here) adults agree on a payment amount and rules and then THE REST OF US MIND OUR BUSINESS. Simple as that.

This was almost brought up in my “Stay out of women’s business” blog a few posts back, but I thought this deserved its own post.

I have made a few friends in my life that are sex workers of various kinds and to hear some of their stories about how and why are each their own. To even have to pay for ANYTHING on this globe is astonishing, never mind what we have to do to get it. Most of the naysayers work much more body-toiling jobs and should honestly divert their attention to the work-place that demands so much of their time for so little investment.

Be educated on what sex work is, respect the ones who have the courage to do it and as always: Mind your business!

And for the record; You probably have a closeted sex worker in your life right now who’s just watching you spew bullshit about something you don’t have any information or knowledge of and if you care for this specific person, you might be alienating yourself from friends, family or even future job prospects (I meant that last one. I’ve seen it happen, that shit is real!)

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