An update for JAZZ and what to look forwards too. (Kickstarter link updated)

So if you haven’t seen yet, I’ve been working on getting funding for my comic book series on Kickstarter (I’ve learned how to use Kickstarter a lot better for my next go around when it expires, so be sure to tune in after July ends) and it appears I’ve only updated people on Kickstarter and not the ones who don’t follow it, but want to be kept up on the news. I’d like to post a short blog on it.

If you’re new here, one of my stories under my Literary Works is being adapted into a comic book and I’ve gotten most of the people I’ve wanted to work with on board for the future. I’d like to mainly keep a black/POC staff, but I know what I can sacrifice if that’s not the case for me. I’ve had some ups and downs over the last year making this series and it’s just going to get harder going forwards, but I’m certain I have an amazing original story and characters for the next wave of comic books jetting out this decade. As always, follow me on Twitter for any updates that I have and as always, thanks for any support for any of my endeavors and as always, talk to me. I want to follow more blogs in the future and learn more about others moving through this thing we call life!

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