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The Christyle Inc site updates

Good evening subscribers, followers, or just anyone who’s curious enough to click this link! Short update, but the site does now host official Christyle Inc. products!

Don’t want to search on the home tabs? Click here to access the shop!

We’ve got an instrumental album based on the JAZZ sound bomber Beatz, as well as the digital version of JAZZ: Juggernauts Against Zealous Zealots (physicals coming soon) and an exclusive one-shot comic you’ve seen me mention on here before: TNT! SUPERSISTERS!

Everything Everywhere All At Once! (AKA: What I have to offer)

Hey guys, haven’t been updating my site as much and that’s on me 😮

I’m going to revamp the design soon, so be on the lookout for a much cleaner interface! I wanted to go for a single page site where everything is sort’ve branching off of here in a way that’s easier to direct people. Sort’ve like a Linktree, but I get more control.

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