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It’s time to stop asking for free art from commissioning artists!

I’ve been around Facebook and Twitter discussing pet peeves with other creators and have found a peculiar topic that circulated more than most: people who asks for illustrations with either no budget or the promise of % owned from a beginning writer.

Now I’m not bagging on those who are looking for exact partnerships from consenting adults who find interests in ground floor work and if that’s your thing then please disregard me and keep doing your thing, but I am speaking to those chumps that think “artists will come if I give them the promise of currency later”.

People can’t eat I.O.Us, especially from strangers.

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Artist Spotlight: Katsugiri

During this early manga journey of mine, I was half set on utilizing Fiverr’s myriad of illustrators for quite a while until I stumbled across Katsugiri on Twitter one random afternoon. She showed up on an artist tag I was browsing and was displaying one of her works that had a really cool “out of boundary” approach to manga panels that I was looking to ask my illustrator about. It never dawned on me that I should hire instead this Oregon artist myself until she mentioned it. I’m glad I made the switch! This is also the same artist who I commissioned for JAZZ.

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JAZZ manga update! Meet the Illustrator!

If you haven’t seen JAZZ: Juggernauts Against Zealous Zealots, currently on Kickstarter, check it out! If you can share it as well as pledging, that’d be great too! I’m currently zeroed in on an inland manga artist from Portland, Oregon that is great at what she does!

Meet Katsugiri! (Also her instagram)

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