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Coming soon to Christyle inc: TNT! Super Sisters!

Good morning, everyone! I hadn’t had the chance to unveil the newest comic, coming exclusively to this site for digital download: TNT! Super Sisters!

This comic is a one-shot, created as a tribute to my amazing children. Both of my children carry elemental names, such as Terran for Earth and Talia for Water so I figured: why not showcase them as heroes? This one-shot has comedy and action, plus some personality showcases for all involved. I don’t have plans to continue this series in the future, but I’ll consider expanding it if something comes up!

I’ll be updating everyone on when it’ll be finished, as I’ve just recently finished the script and sent it off for editing!

My issue with Artificial Intelligence art/comics and why they aren’t going to break the mold

Good morning, ya’ll! I hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend and enjoyed the family time (if you had it, I work education.) During my weekend, I learned that people were using AI art programs (Midjourney, Dall-E 2, etc) to publish comic books in the guise of “removing the barrier between artists and writers” and I was astounded at the audacity. Upon reading more into this, every AI generated art work is not allowed to be copywritten so it’s mainly free use so a few people are deciding to abuse this and I’m here to say:


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