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Indie Comic Review: Thorn #0

Thorn probably has that NWA song on repeat.

Good evening everyone! I haven’t done one of these in a while (for real, why don’t I ever get the chance to do these??), but I have a new indie comic to review. From the geniuses Travis B. Hill and Mark Pate over at Advent Comics comes an all-too-familiar tale of police brutality going unjustified, but with a twist. There happens to be a figure who seems to be taking the Batman-like mantle to face blue lives injustice.


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My manga/comic characters via their music vibe

As a way to build hype to my newest Kickstarter effort, I’ve created a little chart so you could see how they really are personally. Let me know who is your favorite based on this graphic and check the Kickstarter link after the jump!

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Top influential music albums in my life

As I’ve stated in an earlier blog I indulge in music in an emotional sense. Some can enjoy it on the top most layer which is to simply hear it for what it is and not for what it means, but I simply feel it. Some songs just hit harder for me than others and I can’t express why no matter how much I look into it. Throughout my life, I’ve heard whole albums front to back that just formed the correct words, tempo and even BPM needed to sway me into the emotion the artist had when writing and it’s always a euphoria of feeling when I can connect them. Here’s a list of some of those albums that are sure to put me in the headspace of the artist that you should attempt to listen to. This list is in no way rated and is just curated by the images I have procured.

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