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Manga news!

Hey, welcome back. I’m hoping to return to daily postings again after Labor Day. I’ve come into a bit of news pertaining to all of my manga efforts moving forward and hopefuly will have more to discuss the closer to the end dates I have coming.

Main one is this:


That’s right: JAZZ and more will be available! If you’ve backed the issues on crowdfundr or Kickstarter, you’re guaranteed the next issue is coming to you. I’m working on getting physical issues out on a per-paid basis, but for now expect free issue #1s only!

As always, subscribe to the site or my socials for information moving forward!


Not to alarm anyone, but while JAZZ: Juggernauts Against Zealous Zealots #1 is being made, I’ve started on another series.

However, that’s all of the announcement I’m willing to share at the time,

But hey, stay up on the site and my socials and you’ll soon find out! It’s gonna be a big deal!

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Now on Crowdfundr!

Not much to say, but I’ve moved my crowdfunding over to Crowdfundr and it’s live! The deal is simple: I’ll attempt to raise the funds again, but this time if I don’t make the amount I’ll get it covered in full and we’ll be good!


Let’s revisit this one more!

Final Kickstarter update

Hey everyone! My Kickstarter finishes tomorrow and I wanted to start by saying: I’m proud of the immense progress made from the first Kickstarter than from the first. I had more supporters and much more engagement, which means more reach. Sadly, that means I failed to get it crowdfunded all the way so I apologize to the backers I have and to the people who spent time to push it.

However, that does not mean failure.

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