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Alright! We’ve been here before.

But, we’ve never been in a better chance to complete a campaign until now.

The JAZZ Vol. 1 Kickstarter is in Pre-Launch mode, but easily reachable here! Some changes have been made for the future, and boy WHAT a future this is! You won’t want to miss this when this Kickstarter releases! Expect it once the JAZZ Chapter 0 releases on this site and Global Comix

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Christyle Inc. update

Good morning ya’ll! I’ve been on Fall Break with my family for the last two weeks, and of course these last two weeks have been the most active within my ongoing projects. I haven’t had a good time to tell everyone what’s going on and what’s changing, but now is the best time.

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Where I’m at currently!

Good morning ya’ll! I know, I haven’t posted a blog or anything to read in a minute and I’d like to explain why.

When I started this site, Christyle Inc, I created it as a hub of everything I’m involved in or am currently thinking. As I went and created content, I realized this was becoming a but too much focused like Buzzfeed and less like a hub so FOR NOW I’ve decided to drop the daily blogs until the release of my works.

Now onto that topic!

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Manga news!

Hey, welcome back. I’m hoping to return to daily postings again after Labor Day. I’ve come into a bit of news pertaining to all of my manga efforts moving forward and hopefuly will have more to discuss the closer to the end dates I have coming.

Main one is this:


That’s right: JAZZ and more will be available! If you’ve backed the issues on crowdfundr or Kickstarter, you’re guaranteed the next issue is coming to you. I’m working on getting physical issues out on a per-paid basis, but for now expect free issue #1s only!

As always, subscribe to the site or my socials for information moving forward!