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Post-Kickstarter update!

Good afternoon, friends!

If you’ve been following my Kickstarter, you’re aware that it fell short just a little bit over 1.5K! A failed Kickstarter, but not a failed venture! We’ve got some updates to shoot out!

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Alright! We’ve been here before.

But, we’ve never been in a better chance to complete a campaign until now.

The JAZZ Vol. 1 Kickstarter is in Pre-Launch mode, but easily reachable here! Some changes have been made for the future, and boy WHAT a future this is! You won’t want to miss this when this Kickstarter releases! Expect it once the JAZZ Chapter 0 releases on this site and Global Comix

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Christyle Inc. update

Good morning ya’ll! I’ve been on Fall Break with my family for the last two weeks, and of course these last two weeks have been the most active within my ongoing projects. I haven’t had a good time to tell everyone what’s going on and what’s changing, but now is the best time.

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