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Indie Comic Review: Thorn #1

Live look at the Derek Chauvin fan club!

Hey guys, what’s up? Back again with another Indie Comic review on the Christyle Inc official website. You’ve seen me cover Thorn before on this site, but looks like I’ve been graced with the official #1 from Travis B. Hill so let’s see if this new issue holds the same weight in punches as the first!

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Final Kickstarter update

Hey everyone! My Kickstarter finishes tomorrow and I wanted to start by saying: I’m proud of the immense progress made from the first Kickstarter than from the first. I had more supporters and much more engagement, which means more reach. Sadly, that means I failed to get it crowdfunded all the way so I apologize to the backers I have and to the people who spent time to push it.

However, that does not mean failure.

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Indie Comic Review: Thorn #0

Thorn probably has that NWA song on repeat.

Good evening everyone! I haven’t done one of these in a while (for real, why don’t I ever get the chance to do these??), but I have a new indie comic to review. From the geniuses Travis B. Hill and Mark Pate over at Advent Comics comes an all-too-familiar tale of police brutality going unjustified, but with a twist. There happens to be a figure who seems to be taking the Batman-like mantle to face blue lives injustice.


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My most favorite fighting games!

With Evolution 2022 ending this past weekend, fighting game conversations have been a huge talking point! To the most hardcore frame-data keeping player to the casual, but enjoyable fan, fighting games host a myriad of content for most to enjoy. Come for the competition or come for the story lines! I’ve grown up with fighting games majority my entire life, with my first video game ever being Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo on the Super Nintendo. With that being said, I’ve played so many fighting games and have amassed a list of my 10 favorites! This list is in no real order and is just a culmination and possibly: expect a sequel to my least favorite fighting games. Let’s go!

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