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Today in Black Manga: Clock Striker (and a seething message to American Gatekeepers)

Good afternoon readers! I’ve been steadily building my own manga behind the scenes and even started world building another one on the low. I honestly can’t believe I never went into this field in the first place and am so glad I did. For those who don’t know: Black Manga is simply Manga written by black writers or created by black creatives as a whole. As there are an abundance of Black Manga readily available, with one from me currently on Kickstarter, I wanted to gush about one that’s hit my timeline (and the sudden backlash against this medium): Clock Striker!

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New page added to the blog: MERCH!

I’ve added the merch link to the top of the page via menu for those who want easier access to my merch than through my Linktree page! Get neat shirts there such as:

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