(Coming soon) JAZZ: Juggernauts Against Zealous Zealots manga

The group known as “JAZZ” (Juggernauts Against Zealous Zealots) is a rebellious group, aimed at protecting their home from a mysterious invasion of else worldly beings and the government tasked to “quell this invasion”. When the signs of collusion start to sprout amongst the ivory tower, no one else is equipped to fight both the invasions and the government’s alternative motives than them. 

Strange portals have been appearing over the city of Neo Haven for months and no one has a clue as to why or where they come from. They house beings from other dimensions, usually hostile creatures, and the city’s only task is to stop their rampage with weapons they’ve procured from research from past incursions. This is seen as a valiant effort from the government to protect their people coupled with their new city shield defense system, but a rebel group established from past incursion battles figures out that their stories don’t add up and they begin to start their own investigations.

Where are these portals coming from? Who could be manipulating them? Why just over the city of Neo Haven and how long have these really been happening?

Come join in the suspense as these 5 battle it out to finally find the answers that are being highly safeguarded behind civil-obedience coded language and blind ignorance in this Sci-Fi/Action manga!

The members of JAZZ are as followed:

Nova, a female ex-MMA champ with augmentations from a defeated portal beast. With her extra 4 arms made of ethereal hard light and heightened strength, not many can best her in straight physical combat. She’s cool-headed and focused, but can be as explosive as any when given the chance!

Killswitch, a super protective member of the leader of the group and the most powerful, gained her powers from a portal witch that failed her incantations and trapped herself within Killswitch’s jeweled gauntlet. She has the power to summon defeated portal beasts to her aid.

Beatz, a professional rapper who has the ability to weaponize sound thanks to the leader and engineer of the group. With Hex’s manipulation tech mastery, Beatz uses a transformative speaker and microphone to command both his own sound and the sound of his target.

Mute, an android solely capable of communicating with bits and pieces of dialogue found in his database from movies, tv shows, and radio advertisements. An early experiment from Hex prior to the formation of JAZZ and a personal project that links Hex and their father. Has the ability for modern combat with his heat vision, flight mode, and an explosive robotic arsenal dedicated to assisting with all portal excursions!

And Hex, the brains of the entire group. Hex is the androgynous, non-binary leader of JAZZ and is often found tinkering on all of their gadgets, weapons, and underground base beneath a local ramen shop.  In combat, Hex wields the all-mighty BRAVEHEART, a mech that’s capable of multi-tier combat and protection when coupled with Mute by their side.