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Nice, glad you visited. Welcome to Christyle Inc! Be sure to head over to my blogs to get more news and blurbs on what’s happening with me and any projects I either might be heading or a part of. There’s also going to be some community so come say hi when you get a chance! Hit my contacts to get a hold of me for any inquiries and if anything else, I hope you come away learning more about me and what Christyleinc. represents!

  • Kickstarter is 10 days left!

    If you haven’t seen the progress of this last Kickstarter (and backed it), we’re PAST funded and well into the first stretch goal!

    If you haven’t backed it, great time to get some rewards and check it out right here!


    Hey everyone, my erratic ass has a new update and a very short post.

    TL:DR: I’m back on Kickstarter!


    Hey everyone! If you’re here for the drawing, please fill out the form below! Per the terms, 5 winners will be chosen at random and will receive a download link in their emails on Sunday 7/16.

  • This Week: I joined with Kanme Studios as a Writer!

    This Week: I joined with Kanme Studios as a Writer!

    What’s happening everyone? It’s July 5th, the day after The Fourth of July so I hope everyone had a joyous holiday, you lost no limbs lighting fireworks and you spent time with all the loved ones you could.

    Let’s talk about what just happened this week

  • New series announcement in the JAZZ universe!

    New series announcement in the JAZZ universe!

    Hello everyone! I’ve been off on continuing to update people via my blogs so please don’t beat me!

    Maybe this announcement might be the business to excuse me.

  • Indie comic review: Trakovi (The Slav With No Remorse)

    Indie comic review: Trakovi (The Slav With No Remorse)

    Heeeey, thanks for stopping by! It’s been a hectic few months weeks for Christyle Inc and it’s only going to grow even busier and/or crazier. I’m trying my best to split some of these reviews up on either my podcast or my blog! Hopefully everyone is enjoying both avenues of content available.

    So let’s talk Trakovi.

  • The Christyle Inc site updates

    Good evening subscribers, followers, or just anyone who’s curious enough to click this link! Short update, but the site does now host official Christyle Inc. products!

    Don’t want to search on the home tabs? Click here to access the shop!

    We’ve got an instrumental album based on the JAZZ sound bomber Beatz, as well as the digital version of JAZZ: Juggernauts Against Zealous Zealots (physicals coming soon) and an exclusive one-shot comic you’ve seen me mention on here before: TNT! SUPERSISTERS!

  • Indie Comic Review: Thorn #1

    Live look at the Derek Chauvin fan club!

    Hey guys, what’s up? Back again with another Indie Comic review on the Christyle Inc official website. You’ve seen me cover Thorn before on this site, but looks like I’ve been graced with the official #1 from Travis B. Hill so let’s see if this new issue holds the same weight in punches as the first!

  • Everything Everywhere All At Once! (AKA: What I have to offer)

    Hey guys, haven’t been updating my site as much and that’s on me 😮

    I’m going to revamp the design soon, so be on the lookout for a much cleaner interface! I wanted to go for a single page site where everything is sort’ve branching off of here in a way that’s easier to direct people. Sort’ve like a Linktree, but I get more control.

  • Interview w/ Isaac Fox of Astral Ticket (Pure Intent #2/Mistress Izumi’s Lessons)

    Good evening, everyone! Got another hit on our hands: A NEW INTERVIEW WITH ISAAC FOX!

    Hot on the trails of his last Kickstarter campaign for SuccuBusted, it looks like we’re on the precipice of another great comic from Astral Ticket. This time a two-for-one comic deal: Pure Intent #2 and Mistress Izumi’s Lessons!