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Nice, glad you visited. Welcome to Christyle Inc! Be sure to head over to my blogs to get more news and blurbs on what’s happening with me and any projects I either might be heading or a part of. There’s also going to be some community so come say hi when you get a chance! Hit my contacts to get a hold of me for any inquiries and if anything else, I hope you come away learning more about me and what Christyleinc. represents!

  • Post-Kickstarter update!

    Good afternoon, friends!

    If you’ve been following my Kickstarter, you’re aware that it fell short just a little bit over 1.5K! A failed Kickstarter, but not a failed venture! We’ve got some updates to shoot out!


    Been trying to figure out how to showcase this one-shot comic for a while, but it appears I may just release it as is and re-release it in a much better state later 😀

  • Tomorrow: 2/17. JAZZ. IS. HERE!

    It’s finally happening! It has been a LONG LOOOONG time coming, but Christyle Inc. is finally breaking through with JAZZ: Juggernauts Against Zealous Zealots out TOMORROW, February 17th!


    Alright! We’ve been here before.

    But, we’ve never been in a better chance to complete a campaign until now.

    The JAZZ Vol. 1 Kickstarter is in Pre-Launch mode, but easily reachable here! Some changes have been made for the future, and boy WHAT a future this is! You won’t want to miss this when this Kickstarter releases! Expect it once the JAZZ Chapter 0 releases on this site and Global Comix

  • Happy New Year from Christyle Inc!

    Good evening, everyone! I wanted to spend this small time to wish you all a late Happy New Year and hopefully this one is going to be a joyous as the last!

    I haven’t been active on the site, in terms of blogs, because I…really lost the main reasoning of keeping this site active beyond making pages people can be linked to. If you are a fan of my blogs, could you please let me know? I don’t mind doing them, I just hated that they never gave a response back of enjoyment or now.

    Now for some updates: JAZZ and TNT! SUPERSISTERS is slated to release this year and much more is in place! I’m also looking at doing…ANOTHER KICKSTARTER, but this one will NOT be like the last 2 XD. I’ve gotten wiser and smarter about how I do a lot of things over the year and I’d like to showcase.

    I’m much more active on Twitter now, so if you’re not following me there, you should! @christyleinc is me!

    Relax and as always, be kind to yourselves out there!

  • Christyle Inc. update

    Good morning ya’ll! I’ve been on Fall Break with my family for the last two weeks, and of course these last two weeks have been the most active within my ongoing projects. I haven’t had a good time to tell everyone what’s going on and what’s changing, but now is the best time.

  • Interview w/ Isaac Fox of Astral Ticket!

  • Where I’m at currently!

    Good morning ya’ll! I know, I haven’t posted a blog or anything to read in a minute and I’d like to explain why.

    When I started this site, Christyle Inc, I created it as a hub of everything I’m involved in or am currently thinking. As I went and created content, I realized this was becoming a but too much focused like Buzzfeed and less like a hub so FOR NOW I’ve decided to drop the daily blogs until the release of my works.

    Now onto that topic!

  • Coming soon to Christyle inc: TNT! Super Sisters!

    Good morning, everyone! I hadn’t had the chance to unveil the newest comic, coming exclusively to this site for digital download: TNT! Super Sisters!

    This comic is a one-shot, created as a tribute to my amazing children. Both of my children carry elemental names, such as Terran for Earth and Talia for Water so I figured: why not showcase them as heroes? This one-shot has comedy and action, plus some personality showcases for all involved. I don’t have plans to continue this series in the future, but I’ll consider expanding it if something comes up!

    I’ll be updating everyone on when it’ll be finished, as I’ve just recently finished the script and sent it off for editing!

  • What Video Games Can Teach You About Life

    Well hello, you. Would you stay a while and listen? Because as someone who’d grown up with video games, I feel that I have an interesting article for…

    What Video Games Can Teach You About Life