(Fanfic) Metal Gear Solid: Gotham

With a large mechanical thud, the barge takes a significant impact from outside. The room is starting to fill with water as the on-site warning sirens have reported a breach.

“What is the cause of this?!” screams Ocelot.

As Black Mask checks the nearby computer camera terminal, he notices a tank-like machine on the docks they’re locked at.

“Dammit! That’s the Bat’s car. How’d he shoot us?!” exclaimed Black Mask.

Just as Black Mask finishes, he’s punched in the back of the head and slammed to the ground by Batman, now awoke due to the commotion. He then turns towards Ocelot, who starts firing his revolvers at Batman’s chest, nullifying his advance. Ocelot takes the distraction he created to exit the room by a secret passage behind the computer terminal. As Batman establishes chase, the door explodes, leaving rubble and metal blocking the exit. 

Batman then turns his attention to Snake, who is making his way towards him. “You were after him?” Batman asks.

“ Yeah. He’s been my target.” Snake then throws Batman’s remote at him. Batman, realizing what’s happened, smirks.

“I see. I’m bringing Sionis to GCPD. I’ll assist you in locating your target in Gotham.”

“Did you gain a new ally, Snake?” questions Otacon

“And your buddy can be bigger help with his tech.” remarks Batman.

“Thank you for the help. I’ll gladly accept it.” Snake said, shaking hands with Batman.

Just then, Batman receives a call from Commissioner Gordon.

“Batman, you’re needed. There’s a fire on the Gotham Docks, and it appears a revolver-wielding assailant has commended a taxi and is making his way into the city. Is this Zsasz or Deathstroke?”

“It’s neither, Jim. What’s their reported last sighting?” Batman asks, focused on the exploded door Ocelot left out of. 

As Batman received the information on Ocelot, Snake was fixated on the water levels in the room. The water was now reaching knee height which only meant one thing: The barge was vastly sinking.

“Snake, you’re sinking at a fast rate. You need to leave!” Otacon warned. 

As Snake turned to report the water levels to Batman, he then realized that Batman and Sionis had vanished.

Snake, smirking, then heads towards the room exit and with one final sentence utters:

“Otacon, turn the VR off. I’ve got the right adequate training needed.” Snake commanded, subtly removing the training headset module.

As the world around Snake then transpired from a green wireframe backdrop to a white room, Snake walked towards the room intercom.

“Otacon, this training module is pretty lifelike. Where’d you find this?”

“I created it after a comic I found. You still need to read it; it’s amazing!” Otacon chirped back from behind a one-way mirror peering back at Snake.

“Someday. I’m going back to the barracks. Load up another one for me while I reload.”

Otacon went to his computer and searched his files for other computer simulations. This entire time Snake was in a Virtual Reality simulation not combating or conversing with The Dark Knight, but in a scenario completely designed by Otacon. Otacon scours his files and eventually finds another VR mission.

“Hmm…what is SSBM? Something about electrical rodents and pilot foxes vs Italian plumbers and apes in ties? This sounds interesting; Snake’ll love this!”

Otacon loads the VR module as Snake walks back into the VR booth, unwary of his next adventure.