(Fanfic) Metal Gear Solid: Gotham

“Snake!?! Wake up!” chirped Otacon.

“Is..ugh..is he gone?” Snake whispered, groggily waking up.

“He just went after Black Mask! Are you able to walk?”

“I’m able. I snuck something out of one of his pouches when I went for that feint uppercut. Seems like a remote of some kind. Can you analyze it?”

“Wait, you actually weren’t trying to strike him when he was in the air?”

“No, I saw a glimmer of something small but blocky and figured I’d take whatever he had coming to get it.”

“I’m analyzing it now…” as Otacon worked on his end, Snake leaned against the cold steel wall, with plenty of body-sized dents now adorning it. Things were starting to make sense with his frugal search for Ocelot. This new city has broadened his view on people as a whole, wondering what it would take for a man to dress as a bat to fight what he assumes are the villains in this town.

“…Okay, got it. It appears to be some sort of summoning controller. For what, I don’t know. It’s made to only work on its own frequency as not to be crossed with another. The only way to confirm what it is would be to press the button on the transceiver.”

“I’m not sure that’s useful right now, but it would be something we could look up when we meet back up after this. I’m going into the last level and confronting Ocelot.

Snake made his way to the open passage and headed down the echoing chamber beneath.

Snake noticed two outlines by the ship’s main engine blocks as Snake entered the chamber. One was of a figure in a tailored pinstripe suit with black gloves and a matching black facial mask to match. He was leisurely posted next to another man who fits every description of who Snake was sent here for: Ocelot Revolver.

“Well done, Snake. You found me.” hissed Ocelot, not in the best of emotions due to being followed.

“Looks like we have a lot in common, Ocelot,” Black Mask commented. “We both have uninvited guests on our tail. I think we need to ask them to leave.”

Snake looked around, remembering that Batman made it down here before him, but nowhere to be found. 

“Looking for Bats? He’s not far, just look towards the engine behind me.” sneered Black Mask.

Behind him laid Batman, unconscious.

“What happened to him?” asks Snake.

“Looks like the world’s greatest detective can’t detect the faintest hint of chloroform in a pressurized sub and went to sleep. We’re gonna make sure he stays nice and warm near the engine. You’re about to join him!” shouts Black Mask.

Suddenly, Ocelot reveals two revolvers and instantly shoots at Snake. Snake dives behind a nearby steel barrel and readies his pistol. The snake begins to count down between shots until Ocelot’s revolvers are empty. Once at the 12 shot mark, Snake appears out of cover to shoot Ocelot when he notices Black Mask aiming a large machine gun in his direction, attempting to decimate Snake.

“Don’t see how you’ll get out of this one, new guy!” shouts Black Mask, with a hint of joy in his voice.

“Snake! We need a miracle here! They’re going to shred your cover in a few bursts of their artillery!” notes Otacon.

Just then, Snake performs a hail mary play. With the controller he nicked from Batman, he grabs it and presses on the transceiver. 

Within seconds, nothing happens.

“You found one of the Bat’s toys, and it doesn’t work? Ha! How’s that for irony. Nothing will save you now!” Black Mask retorts. 

Just then, the real irony hit.