(Fanfic) Metal Gear Solid: Gotham

Snake then caught the Batarang mid-flight and flung it at the vent, opening it and letting the pressurized air suck out all of the smoke.

Snake and Batman watched as the room began to return to average visibility as the two went back onto their fighting stances.

“It’s not enough that I have incompetent guards on my ship, but now TWO uninvited guests?!” chimed a voice on the nearby intercom.

“Sionis.” uttered Batman.

That’s correct, Batman. The one and only. Conveniently, you’re here. I told my new business partner about you. You would love him, he’s a real straight shooter.

“Otacon, is that signal coming from inside the ship?” asked Snake

“Its location is the large flooring beneath the level you’re on,” answered Otacon.

“Sionis, whatever you have planned is ending tonight,” Batman gruffly pointed out as he turned to Snake. “And you’re going down with him.”

Just then, the barge vibrated violently beneath the combatants as a nearby door down the hall began to un-fuse itself open. Not taking his eyes off Snake, Batman begins his final assault as he lunges forward with an ax kick that’s soon deflected and parried upwards as Snake begins an upward rising body blow. As Snake rises, Batman reaches into his utility belt and throws a flashbang onto the ground. Snake is temporarily blinded by the impending flash as a fierce right cross soon takes him down from Batman.

“Who is Sionis working with?!” demanded Batman.

“If you’re that curious, come see for yourself,” said Sionis on the intercom “it’s not like I didn’t just leave the door opened for you not to poke your ears in this business of mine.”

With Snake seemingly unresponsive on the ground, Batman exited the room and ventured into the recently opened steel door, furthering his descent into the chasm.