(Fanfic) Metal Gear Solid: Gotham

Snake got up, put his gun away in its holster, and went into his defensive stance. He wasn’t going to let Batman take him down so easily. Snake lunged at Batman in a snap motion, preparing for any offensive moves that came his way. His intuition being highly favored, he saw a projected straight coming his way and immediately reached for Batman’s incoming punch as he slid behind him, locked his arms around Batman’s shoulder and neck, and applied pressure to his trachea. As fluid as Snake’s movement was, Batman countered by dropping his shoulder occupied by Snake, grabbing his operative vest harness, and launching Snake across the room.

Snake landed on his feet and saw Batman sprinting into a high jumping kick. Snake planted his feet for a spinning back kick and sent Batman against the steel walls as he moved to the side. As Batman made contact with the wall, Snake ran up to him and began a flurry of punches to his midsection and face, but he was met with a series of blocks as Batman went back on the defensive, kicked Snake away, and dropped a smoke pellet. With the impending smoke billowing around the room, visibility for Snake was at its lowest point.

“Otacon, he’s covered the room in smoke. I can’t see.”

“Snake, that smoke is designed to work like tear gas. It’s his signature move for both escapes and combat.”

Just as Snake readied himself to continue fighting, he then felt one of Batman’s boots send him onto a nearby terminal as Batman re-vanished into the smoke. Snake realized the new game plan was becoming more akin to Whack-a-Mole for his opponent and needed a way to clear the room to gain the neutral ground.

“Otacon, I need a way to remove the smoke.”

“You’re in luck. Schematics show vents throughout each room made to pressurize the barge if ever sunk. There should be one against the room; see if you can open it!”

Snake looked up and searched the upper ceiling, and located the vent. Upon discovery, he noticed it was closed and just needed the vent slider to be upright. As Snake looked up, he saw the illuminated eyes on the cowl of his enemy upon the layers of smoke.

“What does Amanda Waller want with Ocelot dead?” gnashed Batman gruffly.

“Amanda…Waller? I don’t know who that is,” Snake hissed back, looking for a tactical divergent ”and what do you want with Ocelot?”

“I’m not playing games with you. I’ve scanned you since you made contact with this ship. I can’t find any technology on your body, which means you’ve been outfitted with a communicator in your skull like her last Suicide Squad.”

“Snake, I’ve located encrypted files on this Suicide Squad. He thinks you’re an operative of hers. We have to convince him you’re not!” chimed Otacon.

Snake had a better idea.

“I guess I’ll have to message her that the mission is a bust.” Snake said coyly, reaching for a radio from the nearby table.”

“Reach any further, and you’ll lose the feeling in your hand!” Batman said, readying a Batarang under his cape.

“Snake?! What are you doing?! Don’t antagonize him!” Otacon screamed with fear.

As Snake inched further towards the radio, Batman flicked his Batarang in Snake’s direction. As it peered through the smoke at Snake, as if it appeared in thin air, Snake seemed to be fixated on the oncoming Batarang as Otacon called out.