(Fanfic) Metal Gear Solid: Gotham

 (First finished Fanfic I did in conjunction with a theme contest I dropped out of last minute. It’s a personal favorite!)

“Snake, we’re almost to the last pinpointed location of Ocelot. He hasn’t moved from here in days.” Octacon’s codec call came in clear as Snake sat on a stealth chopper headed for the distant city limits across a large body of unknown waters.

Snake has been searching for Ocelot since he betrayed Solidus Snake in New York almost two weeks ago. Furthering his plot with The Sons of Liberty, Ocelot has been on the lookout for tech that could improve the group’s motives of world domination. With Otacon’s help, Snake can locate a signal emitting from a city notorious for its inhibiting crime rate.

“Otacon, what’s the intel on this city?”

“This is Gotham City. It had its fair share of criminal upkeep. You’d be surprised what kind of people this place can originate.”

“Hopefully, we’ll be out of here before we meet any. Where does Ocelot’s track end?”

“On what looks to be a shipping barge in the south harbor of Gotham. He appears to have several operatives working with him as this ship is heavily guarded. None of them appear to be any of the guards we encountered on the Big Shell.”

Snake sighed. He was hoping still to utilize the knowledge of the Russian soldiers against them to make the mission much more efficient and easy. The chopper pilot grunted as the smell of the city sewage began to creep into the airwaves of the airborne vehicle.

“What do we know about this computer he’s looking for?” Snake asked, finishing his cigarette before contemplating throwing it out onto the water or holding it in the ashtray. 

“He seems to be working on locating a supercomputer in Gotham with an impressive capability to create an extensive network almost globally. If he gets his hands on it, he’d have a lot more reach than we want him to have.”

“Is the computer on the barge?”

“Not likely, as his comms state that they’re using this barge’s built-in radar system to find it. I began to track the computer’s location myself, but every time I’d do that, I’d get locked out.”

“Is the signal showing a location in the city?”

“Between it bouncing me around several locations like The Iceberg Lounge every second, I’m not getting a concurrent spot. Sorry, Snake.”

Snake looked off as the chopper neared the shore that Snake would have to dive in and swim to the shipping barge. “Is this water safe?” Snake asked the pilot, peering into the near green murky water beneath him.

“Yeah, should be fine. What are you expecting to find, a mutant killer crocodile or something?” chuckled the pilot, amused by his quip.

“Otacon, anything else I should know about this city before I drop?”

“Yes. It appears this city is being watched over by some vigilante known as Batman. It appears he works with the Gotham City Police Department with the Commissioner, James Gordon. I don’t think you’ll come across this man on this convert mission, but he sounds like a watchdog.”

“Vigilantes, billionaires, and rampant crime. We sure we haven’t left New York?”

“I’m sure this isn’t all this city has to bring. Good luck Snake, I’ll keep in contact with you on your codec.”

Snake dove down from the chopper, and when he plunged below the surface of the water, he hit a multitude of city trash, including a still glowing fluorescent green question mark.

“What did you drag me into, Ocelot?” thought Snake as he made his long water trek undetected to the shipping barge..”