This Week: I joined with Kanme Studios as a Writer!

What’s happening everyone? It’s July 5th, the day after The Fourth of July so I hope everyone had a joyous holiday, you lost no limbs lighting fireworks and you spent time with all the loved ones you could.

Let’s talk about what just happened this week

So earlier this week I was approached by Kanme Studios about an inquiry I was doing for manga artist for a close friend. Upon speaking further into my dilemma, Yam (the CEO for Kanme Studios) placed the offer on the table to become a writer on the team.

What does this mean for Christyle Inc and JAZZ?

I plan to still release JAZZ with my artist to it’s completion, but I’ll be working with another artist in Kanme Studios to begin another new series (Katon Comics). We’re already brainstorming a new short series that’s bound to get some attention!

Christyle Inc is STILL Christyle Inc: It’s just attached to Kanme Studios now. There’s some REALLY big things in store for this company and a lot of it stems from the owner being highly indebted in the FGC (Fighting Game Community). Expect a ton of better news to flow from this point on!

Thanks for reading! JAZZ Chapter 1 is projected to release in July/ early August!

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