Indie comic review: Trakovi (The Slav With No Remorse)

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So let’s talk Trakovi.

I had the opportunity to read issues 1-5 of Trakovi from Adriean Koleric of Scout Comics a few days ago and lemme just say this: I was not prepared for the visceral scenery, gritty dialogue, mature content or the amount of strategic comedy spread throughout this comic series. Koleric really went in and brought back that old MTV-feel with stressed ease!

These extended warranty calls are getting more gruesome by the day!

Trakovi is a story that begins with a criminal act by the titular character, Trakovi, that is pretty much out of context for the time being. You get a sense that he’s a man who’s without morals and is simply existing to bring nothing but carnage to the people surrounding him. From there, he eventually ventures to what looks like an AA meeting for villain rehabilitation and you’re left to learn about the other supporting characters. Soon after, the REAL STORY STARTS.

Nah, lemme get that Do Me! shirt in a 2X.

I’d normally continue on and summarize the rest of the issues, but this one I truly cannot as I feel like it would cheapen the experience. You definitely need to allow yourself the chance to check this out and see exactly what I saw. From a revenge plot that almost multiples itself almost immediately to some very high-fashion comedy featuring both language barriers and an opportunity to admit faults, you are doing yourself a disservice not to purchase this.

With the first issue currently releasing in July, preorders are available on Scout Comic’s site. Streets need you to go and continue this story from where I cannot. I could barely even decide on the images to display here because almost all of them contain WAY too much out of context!

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Be easy!

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