Indie Comic Review: Thorn #1

Live look at the Derek Chauvin fan club!

Hey guys, what’s up? Back again with another Indie Comic review on the Christyle Inc official website. You’ve seen me cover Thorn before on this site, but looks like I’ve been graced with the official #1 from Travis B. Hill so let’s see if this new issue holds the same weight in punches as the first!

What’s Richard Pryor doing here? Is this an alternate universe where he says no to Superman 3?

The story begins with police brutality setting the tone as Thorn springs into action to pull off some awesome combat set pieces against police unjustly profiling a neighborhood. It’s a bit like the first issue, with the difference being the opposition isn’t just profiling adults, but even 12 year old’s. I do appreciate the gristly realization that police brutality doesn’t begin at age 18, but much lower too. It’s a really nice touch on a comic that’s entire presentation is to paint police as incompetent as they can appear.

I also appreciate the alter-ego of Thorn, Alton, who runs a boxing gym for the neighborhood youth to stay out of the streets. It’s such a “Bruce Wayne during the day” scene that a lot of vigilante stories can do, but has a personal touch of an old Miramax movie. You even get a flashback with Alton and his father on what it means to never give up on your surroundings. A lot of this wasn’t shown or touched on in the initial first chapter, but boy am I glad that this team went this path!

Ah yes, the “I’ll never like Batman again” starter kit.

I cannot wait to see this series flourish! It’s reaching into the “Batman/Luke Cage” territory without becoming too much like the other (besides the obvious “Robin”) and is pretty current with politics surrounding our every day life. And yes, this is a political comic and it deserves to be taken series regardless. You’re getting a good story, great characters, and a direct mirror effect on the injustices of the police force that are tasked to protect law abiding citizens, but sometimes blur the lines on who that is. Want to be mad? Direct your anger at the situation, not the artists who are just showing you what it is.

Thanks again for reading another review! Looks like this is set to release in May 2023 so be on the look out to get your copies! I know I’m doing what I can to get mine!

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