Interview w/ Isaac Fox of Astral Ticket (Pure Intent #2/Mistress Izumi’s Lessons)

Good evening, everyone! Got another hit on our hands: A NEW INTERVIEW WITH ISAAC FOX!

Hot on the trails of his last Kickstarter campaign for SuccuBusted, it looks like we’re on the precipice of another great comic from Astral Ticket. This time a two-for-one comic deal: Pure Intent #2 and Mistress Izumi’s Lessons!

It’s always a magnificent day to be able to cover anything by Mr. Fox and Astral Ticket. Please check out the interview below and if you’d like to back this comic, click right here for the Kickstarter. If you’d like to see the official Twitter page, click here! Enjoy the interview!

Music used: Sofas and Couches 2 by @KeithPhelps

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