Post-Kickstarter update!

Good afternoon, friends!

If you’ve been following my Kickstarter, you’re aware that it fell short just a little bit over 1.5K! A failed Kickstarter, but not a failed venture! We’ve got some updates to shoot out!

So real quick, I’d like to address the next venture in getting funds together for future chapters of JAZZ: PATREON!

If you don’t know what Patreon is, it’s another crowdfunding site, but the difference is it’s more like a monthly subscription service that allows me to give subscribers exclusive perks and rewards! Imagine most of that you were offered on the Kickstarter campaign, but now it’s both tied to the tier you select AND is more promised to you even if I “don’t get funded”. It’s a nice WIN-WIN system that I kind’ve wanted to do this whole time!

Want to see mine? Click here to visit my Patreon and if you’re enticed, please consider pledging!

I’ve also placed the complete first chapter of JAZZ behind a paywall on both Global Comix and Gumroad (and those are indeed helpful in funding) so check those out too and if you do, please leave a review!

I’ll do my best to get something going on for people who wanted a physical version to purchase! Until then, let’s get Chapter 1 funded and be on the lookout for more ways to assist!


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