Tomorrow: 2/17. JAZZ. IS. HERE!

It’s finally happening! It has been a LONG LOOOONG time coming, but Christyle Inc. is finally breaking through with JAZZ: Juggernauts Against Zealous Zealots out TOMORROW, February 17th!

It’ll be over on the JAZZ Chapter 0 tab above on the tool bar, as well as Global Comix right here! If you have any comments, you’re free to post them on the site, my twitter is always active, or post a comment on Global Comix. If you’ve been here for long way, thank you for staying on the straight and BUMPY path. If you’re new, I’m just happy that you’re joining us!

As always, be hydrated and happy!

Oh, and if you aren’t following the Kickstarter pre-launch that reveals on February 20th, please do if you’d like access to several timed exclusive rewards!

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