Happy New Year from Christyle Inc!

Good evening, everyone! I wanted to spend this small time to wish you all a late Happy New Year and hopefully this one is going to be a joyous as the last!

I haven’t been active on the site, in terms of blogs, because I…really lost the main reasoning of keeping this site active beyond making pages people can be linked to. If you are a fan of my blogs, could you please let me know? I don’t mind doing them, I just hated that they never gave a response back of enjoyment or now.

Now for some updates: JAZZ and TNT! SUPERSISTERS is slated to release this year and much more is in place! I’m also looking at doing…ANOTHER KICKSTARTER, but this one will NOT be like the last 2 XD. I’ve gotten wiser and smarter about how I do a lot of things over the year and I’d like to showcase.

I’m much more active on Twitter now, so if you’re not following me there, you should! @christyleinc is me!

Relax and as always, be kind to yourselves out there!

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