Christyle Inc. update

Good morning ya’ll! I’ve been on Fall Break with my family for the last two weeks, and of course these last two weeks have been the most active within my ongoing projects. I haven’t had a good time to tell everyone what’s going on and what’s changing, but now is the best time.

Starting with JAZZ: I’ve recently had to undergo a new illustrator for the manga over the past two weeks. The previous illustrator didn’t have the time to commit to anything of mines for over two months that I’ve been in contact with them, but don’t fret! I’ve been working with another illustrator who’s been diligent on the project and I’m happy to announce that JAZZ is being penned by none other than: Monocrumedge! This guy is hard working and produces amazing content! He’s also available on Twitter with the same handle AND email @!

The next update is for TNT! Super Sisters!: I’ve also found a new artist for that as well. If you visit the TNT! tab above, I’ve replaced the old art work with his rendition! He’s been amazing so far on production and is eager to help me complete this very small, but beneficial project for my family and you all! If you’re looking for an illustrator of his style, his email is: Sadly, his only social is Facebook @ David Lopez, but he has published work located right here!

What does this mean moving forward? I’ve lost a bit of time with JAZZ and had to push back the date a few times before coming to this conclusion, but I’m hopeful (and really glad to have found these two) that this will be worth it.

JAZZ: Juggernauts Against Zealous Zealots and TNT! Super Sisters! will be premiering together in the same issue as a double feature for ONE TIME ONLY! Stay tuned and please subscribed to the site for updates, as well as follow me on Twitter for daily updates @ Christyleinc.

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