My issue with Artificial Intelligence art/comics and why they aren’t going to break the mold

Good morning, ya’ll! I hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend and enjoyed the family time (if you had it, I work education.) During my weekend, I learned that people were using AI art programs (Midjourney, Dall-E 2, etc) to publish comic books in the guise of “removing the barrier between artists and writers” and I was astounded at the audacity. Upon reading more into this, every AI generated art work is not allowed to be copywritten so it’s mainly free use so a few people are deciding to abuse this and I’m here to say:


This lazy effort looks like an amalgam of two drunk people dreaming.

I don’t agree with this sentiment that AI art is “the future” that erases actual human illustrators and I won’t go into it peacefully if we ever are met with this as the norm. Art is and will always be a collaborative effort between those that can convey emotions through words and the ones that can paint those exact emotions. An AI computer could never do that, and most of the art is lifeless on it’s on.

And on that topic: Don’t flood Amazon/any other publisher with AI comic books.

Uh oh, looks like Timmy wished himself into another universe and Cosmo and Wanda are surveying.

I don’t care if it makes money, trends on the top charts, or “is so new age”. Don’t. You are removing the ones who poured blood, sweat, and tears onto their canvases just because some code generated an image. It’s dismissive to art as a whole and honestly, should be illegal to sell in the first place.

I…don’t know what I’m looking at either.

What I wish would happen is that people begin stealing AI art and destroying it as they’ve been doing NFTs.

Let’s not make a new NFT-like trend. We can’t lose human nature in art.

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