Saints Row (2022) is a welcomed reboot to an overhyped series.

I’m going to keep this pristine and short: The new Saints Row that released today, 8/23/2022, is surprisingly good and a fresh restart much needed to the franchise (and something you should’ve seen coming if you played Saints Row: Gat out of Hell).

Oh. The purists don’t agree. They think Saints Row 2 was the best one ever and that Johnny Gat should always be the forefront number 2 character?

Let’s review why the change in attitude is well welcomed.

For starters: Saints Row 2 was NEVER the best Saints Row game, and this is coming from someone who played it a TON more than the others. I loved it back then and loved the somewhat heavy story it brung.

But I replayed all of the Saints Row games last year and felt a whole lot different about it as an adult.

For example, the story already jumped the shark with the first game and has been on a wacky decline since. Sure, your character has more dialogue now than the first game, but was left without a real backstory other than “I survived a boat explosion that killed EVERYONE, but me”. Then, you had went from somewhat decent gangs in the first, often mirroring real gangs, and went with stereotypes (Not new at the time, I know). It was a real slog honestly, you just don’t want to admit it.

The gang culture has superseded itself. No need to keep on it.

I’m not going to mention how ugly and hard to control Saints Row 2 ended up being, because Saints Row 3 fixed a majority of it and the only gripe I had was Shaundi’s change.

My point is this: The new Saints Row is a correct amalgam of all of the Saints Row games in one game. From the city interactive system of Saints Row 2, the controls of Saints Row 3, the music direction of Saints Row 1 and the speed of Saints Row 4, you’re bound to enjoy all it has.

Stop living in a time period where EVERYTHING has to mirror what you thought you imagined and try something new.

“But I don’t like the modernization of games! I don’t care about student loans and Fortnite dances!”

You’d be surprised how many Saints Row games, a parody of the time periods they were in, had those from the start. You’re just no longer a target demographic. It’s gonna be like that for a LONG time. It also happens when companies take note on which age groups illegally download the most games and begin pushing you out with them. Just a casualty of war, my friend.

Play the game yourself, stop reading into rage reviewers, and check for yourself.

Or don’t and keep inviting yourself into a discussion you really have no teeth in.

*Disclaimer: Saints Row 4 was not hurt in the making of this post.

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