Final Kickstarter update

Hey everyone! My Kickstarter finishes tomorrow and I wanted to start by saying: I’m proud of the immense progress made from the first Kickstarter than from the first. I had more supporters and much more engagement, which means more reach. Sadly, that means I failed to get it crowdfunded all the way so I apologize to the backers I have and to the people who spent time to push it.

However, that does not mean failure.

JAZZ is still getting funded. The plan is still moving forward!

I’ll do my best to try to honor some of the pledges, specifically the signed issues if possible, as I’m not releasing the funding to my illustrator. Hopefully my next step after issue #1 is completed is to host it at one of our conventions in our city and go from there. I’m very optimistic about this moving forward and hope to see this grow to a much larger thing. If you’d still like to donate to the manga and relinquish lost backer rewards, you may always do so from my site, or from my Ko-Fi link in my Link tree.]

JAZZ is on the way!

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