I think it’s time to give My Way Entertainment their flowers.

Hey everyone! Hope you’ve had a good weekend and are looking forward to the impending week of either productivity or destruction: I don’t judge. Something has been weighing on me these last few years about all of these internet trends and celebs, as well as how people process “origins” and such. This, coupled with the title, is probably the most transparent set up I can do for this post.

Before I go in: I’m not naming names of content creators nor am I pointing fingers at them or the fanbases and I’m not displacing anyone further in the past either. I’m simply stating the obvious facts.

A while ago, I watched a video of someone doing an over-dub of an animal video with their voice and a few of the comments sort’ve struck a nerve in me. I kept seeing comments like “This is such a good idea for content, how has nobody thought of this??” and “Do a Marvel movie next!” Honestly, we have no one to blame, but ourselves on how the realization is setting for a lot of us on how we ALREADY had content creators doing this.

The original My Way Crew I always remember them being.

So back on topic: My Way Entertainment. If you were on the internet in the mid-2000s, you heard of these guys: Naz, Randy, Scoob, Sonny, LP. I was made aware of their presence when my sister sent me their flagship video recently released: Juggernaut Bitch! Since then, and because I was in middle school, I’ve been an avid fan! Often hovering their newly discovered YouTube pages for ANY content. These guys were HUGE and in a way pioneers to how we saw YouTube content creators break out of the site onto other media. If you’ve seen X-Men 3, you’d heard the famous Randy Hayes line uttered to Kitty Pryde. We’ve never seen the likes of that prior and it honestly was the beginning.

Fast-forward to now and our internet champions are older, grayer, and still active in the community. Across the table, is a plethora of new content creators and trends that have evolved to every other media known. More people are able to influence movies directly and either get writing credits or roles, as well as breaking out into other professional roles in video games and streaming. I’m excited to see YouTube be the launch pad that it is, but there is a disconnect I’m particularly not happy about.

I’m not demanding, asking, or begging for recognition. I’m simply stating that you wouldn’t have MUCH without the crew.

And that’s not to disparage the ones before them either.

I just want our internet culture to really get how they’re able to do the what they do now versus how hard it was back then. When I saw X-Men 3, I really screamed in the theater as no one around me really understood what was going on when that line dropped. It’s even more disheartening that Marvel/Fox didn’t even really acknowledge their online influence of the character, Juggernaut, and decided it was okay to appropriate the fandom like that. That’s been weighing on my mind for a while too, but we won’t go into that.

I pop in from time to time to see what the gang is doing. I’m not as active in the My Way community as I used to be, but it’s refreshing to see Naz and the gang still enjoying everything that made them…THEM. My favorites still being Randy and Sonny, as well as the Power Rangers dubs being my favorite dub series (I actually know the Gangsta Crizzab dub by heart and it used to be a flex on my dating profiles back when I was online dating), AND having once passed music to Naz for a live action series that he’s used, I gotta say: Thank you for being apart of my growing up. YouTube itself played a huge part of my life growing up, but once content creators began resurfacing as such it became the best site to visit outside of MySpace and Gaia Online (Yes, let me date myself here.)

Juggy stays cock-blocking his brother, Charles!

I hope that soon, other content creators reach out to My Way for both content and recognition of their time of trial and error on their brand. I was looking forward to a biography of sorts about My Way by now, but there’s hope!

“I’m from 25th and Broadway, We f*** emus in the a**!”

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