My Manga journey so far

Hey everyone! I noticed that I’ve been quiet on here so far about my manga, JAZZ: Juggernauts Against Zealous Zealots, and I wanted to keep the few people that don’t follow my twitter up on it. So far we’re 15% funded at the moment on Kickstarter, but A LOT can happen in 6 days so be aware for sudden changes.

I’m currently pitching this manga to manga publishers this weekend like Shonen JUMP. If I can get someone interested, I’m taking my artist with me as a bundle and we’ll go from there! I’m hoping to get some ears on this ASAP.

Lastly, I submitted a show idea to Nickelodeon from my Children’s picture book due to them searching for BIPOC/Queer writers and creators. That’s another possible future endevor.

All in all, I’m working on the scene and am glad and grateful to anyone that has taken the time out to follow me or tell me personally about what I have going.

The journey starts here and I’m glad you got to witness it this early. I’ll never forget you few when I make it!

There’s nobody to stop him!

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