Indie Comic Review: Thorn #0

Thorn probably has that NWA song on repeat.

Good evening everyone! I haven’t done one of these in a while (for real, why don’t I ever get the chance to do these??), but I have a new indie comic to review. From the geniuses Travis B. Hill and Mark Pate over at Advent Comics comes an all-too-familiar tale of police brutality going unjustified, but with a twist. There happens to be a figure who seems to be taking the Batman-like mantle to face blue lives injustice.


Thorn makes his official appearance to a very lucky individual.

As this is the first issue of this series, I’ll not be doing any spoilers on who is Thorn and other character details important to the plot, but I can tell this is going to be a decent read. I’m not going to lie: I’m not really privy right now to social commentary comics, as I currently live these events and pursue escapism when I run to these mediums, but this one has some ingenuity to it. While Thorn teeters on that blurred line as Batman does, I can see him being a much more tamer Punisher instead.

I’m gonna need to see Grandma Jenkin’s apple pie recipe as a sidekick to Thorn.

These characters are showing up to be really good in terms of where they stand in the plot and how the plot maneuvers around them. Also, love the character designs, almost like they were crafted from a Static Shock episode! You can’t find organic characters like this just anywhere, and they feel really homey. I recommend you show some love and support to these fellas immediately and watch these comics!

If we could get a Kendrick Lamar cameo, I’d die happy!

That’s it for this review. If you want, please click the above links and check out more of their works. I know I’m getting my hands on this run and know they’re deserving of many fans and viewers. Check me out next time when I review possibly another indie comic…or I just review my own. 😀

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