Least favorite DC Comic movies

Like I said in my early post, I have a strong affinity to DC Comics which also puts me in the position to scold my most favorite media company when they mess up. I am open to multiple stories and views on movies from directors and often will even side with significant changes, but there are times where the movie just didn’t perform well from almost ALL sides. Let’s look at them here and as always, don’t take this as a list in order.

Justice League (Joss Whedon version)

Let me start by saying this: Joss Whedon has not made a good superhero movie. Avengers was good for what it was, but the Russo brothers showed us a much better way to tell these tales better. I don’t know why, or how, Whedon was in the running to take over for Snyder’s film, but he did and this is what we got. Terrible Batman, meh Superman and too many damn jokes about the obvious and mundane. Hell, Cyborg being just a CGI back character with no emotion was painful to watch AS a Cyborg fan! I’m glad Snyder had the chance to make his vision and as always, #ReleaseTheSnyderCut of everything!

Birds of Prey and the fantabulous emancipation of the one Harley Quinn


I promise I want to like these movies for what they are and leave all the “elite cinema” to Twitter users who spend all day arguing about imaginary characters, but this one was indeed hard. I almost forgot it even existed and was about to leave it off this list. This forgettable movie features Margot Robbie reprising her role as the eternal glue between all of the main Gotham characters that Batman should be Harley Quinn along side other known characters such as The Huntress and Black Canary. The movie generally portrays itself as “one for the girls” and I won’t judge it for that narrative as I wasn’t the target. However, the movie generally didn’t have much for them either. It was a miss matched film that didn’t know who was the main character and honestly, was just made so that Ewan McGregor was nearby for scenes for Obi-Wan down the hall. Skip this one.

Wonder Woman 1984

I fear for this woman. No, not Gal Gadot. The real hero of this movie series.

Patty Jenkins.

I know that the big suits of all of these companies don’t care about the real IPs or the movies and just NEED profits. I know that Marvel has suffered with their own internal interference until they got Kevin Feige and the such and know Warner Brothers is frothing at the mouth at these 2 billion dollar a movie profits so they make changes on the fly. That had to be the reason for this movie, right?

Right, Patty?

This movie was able to undo itself from ever actually being a factor in the universe timeline pretty well and that’s my only plus from this movie. For the rest? Nuh-uh. I watched this on Christmas Day when it released on HBO Max and felt like the Grinch came to rob me. I want better and I know it’s coming (please).


Listen, biggest DC comics movie net profit of this coming generation doesn’t mean this movie was flawless. I’m a huge fan of Shazam (Captain Marvel) and I wasn’t sure he’d translate well. He’s supposed to be a teen in an adult body so I get that, but it really seems like the teen Billy and the actual Shazam…don’t really match. The teen is a lot more lethargic and low energy, while Shazam is just FULL of comedy energy. It’s just so Taika Waititi and I promise you, thats what Warner Brothers was going for. Shame!

Superman: The Movie


I’m spoiled because we’ve had Henry Cavill as the definitive Superman and Brandon Routh as the deadbeat father Kal-El OTHER smaller, okay’ish Superman that this story is based off of and honestly, going back in time to watch this doesn’t add up. I’m sure a Superman film where he spends all day saving people looked good back in the day, but nope. Not letting it go, and I’m probably gonna generate heat for this. I genuinely don’t like this movie AND I understand how cultural important it was.

Plus, he flew the earth off of it’s axis for LOIS LANE. And she doesn’t even get much of a role as the movies go on in sequels!

And that’s the list. I had some other stinkers on my list, but I had to stick with these. I don’t think there’s a good Superman movie prior to Man of Steel, but like I said I’m biased due to age and whatnot. Still, you gotta have that honest look at old stuff when you get that chance.

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