My top 5 favorite DC Comics movies

A while ago, I made a list of my top 5 favorite (and non-favorite) Marvel movies. With the few people who converse with me about my blog outside of my site, I started a stance that made people feel as though I’ve only been watching Marvel movies and haven’t seen a DC one. Never fear, because I’ve been engrossed in comic culture for all of my life and actually have more affinity for DC Comics than Marvel, although there are more characters I love on Marvel’s side than DC’s. The list after the jump and as always, the list is in no particular order.

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

One of the greatest stories told and an amazing way to tell it! The story in this animated DC movie, which originated from a DC event in the comics where Superman punched reality really hard instead, is that The Flash runs into the past to save his mother from death and in doing so, shifted time away from it’s current quadrant and into a different universe. In this new universe events were warped so instead of Bruce Wayne’s parents dying in the alley, Bruce Wayne himself dies and his father takes up the mantle of Batman while his mother dons the purple Joker attire. This gives a new take on the universe that we all know and what the possibilities could be if things were different. Everyone brought their A game here on this movie and it’s one of the best!

The Dark Knight

If you weren’t born during this phenom of a movie then let me explain the environment: This movie came out on a Thursday night and people literally did not stop going in droves for over 5 months! This movie here was an immediate classic! Some say it’s due to the passing of the Joker copy actor, Heath Ledger, and his amazing performance while some believed the overall story itself played a much bigger role in it’s popularity. I can say this: This was the last real big DC movie event while Marvel was starting to get it’s feet wet off to the side and you can see the gleam of pride in their eyes watching this. I watch this movie constantly every year and still get the same chills!

Batman Ninja

You’re probably half way through this list like “….DC only does Batman movies?” The answer is no, they just have him fleshed out prior to other characters so he’s a lot easier to place in places like teams or this exact “What if?” movie. Batman (and the rest of Gotham’s heroes and baddies) get teleported to feudal Japan where Joker runs rampant on top of pagodas and the like with his sidekick, edgy middle-aged men who take his persona way too serious and apply it on themselves in hopes to having a weapon against a society that accepts a decent amount of social skills to survive Harley Quinn. Another animated movie, but with an original story that is really captivating and honestly, I wish could be live action someday.

The Batman

I remember when Pattinson was first revealed to be the next caped crusader actor and everyone went back to the Pre-Heath Ledger Joker days where “He was a glittery vampire! How will he even be taken serious?!” (Editors note: said movie being mentioned was one of his earliest roles, over 10 years ago). I kept faith because I knew DC had something up their sleeve and they did not disappoint. This is the definitive Batman movie and no, I’m not taking arguments on it. Argue with the bat nipples on the George Clooney suit. An actual crime thriller, and creative take on The Riddler, and one of the greatest Catwomen we’ve EVER had. I’ve seen this movie a ton and still get goosebumps!

Justice League: Doom

This movie answers the age old question: “Can Batman defeat the entire Justice League and does he know how?” An amazing animated feature that I kept with me for so long as a great comfy story that ends in the most Batman-y way possible! I can’t say much because I honestly want this to be someone’s big intro into watching this and having the experience to go with it!

And that was it. Yeah, yeah I know that I missed a few here and while they’re missing, it doesn’t mean they truly suck. I love Man of Steel, Wonder Woman 1, and Batman: Under the Red Hood, but sometimes you gotta place the favorites to the sides for the elites. Look out for the Least Favorites coming soon!

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