JAZZ: Juggernauts Against Zealous Zealots Manga Kickstarter is LIVE!

Sorry for missing a day of blogging. Yesterday was my daughter’s 4th birthday party and well…I heard you can’t focus on anything else during that time or you’ll forever miss the constant growth from that point forward and she’ll be 16 before you know it.

However, a couple days prior my Kickstarter launched and I now have some promos to show case it. Enjoy and please back and/or share the Kickstarter! I had a great start in the beginning, but I know my dream to create is SO close!

And now never-before mentioned, prior to yesterday, one of the villains of JAZZ has been teased!

Love her tease design? You’ll be seeing ALOT more of her colorful façade.

Can’t say much other than her powers have a TON to do with color manipulation.

The Kickstarter is live and is accessible right here!

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