Thank you, Beyonce’! I’ve found the words I needed!

Small warning: If you speak ill of Beyonce’ you might want to do it away from her hive. That’s the only warning I have. *puts down cue cards as the Beyhive group nods in agreement and lets me leave*

So, I’d like to say something about myself: I’m non-confrontational.

And what that means to ME is, I’m prone to not giving you the reaction you want from me if I don’t feel that it’s beneficial to me or anyone I’m representing in the moment. That means you may get short answers or the executive nod in your direction if what you’re trying to get across is a directive in a manner that isn’t conductive of your real motive or conveying a power you have.

But what that looks like to others is: I’m timid and conforming and that I’m too complacent to do anything about it other than objectively “defy” you in silence.

Well, now I gotta be the other guy. The outspoken one who let’s you know when you’ve found that line to cross.

I don’t disclose it, but I have let others into my emotional spectrum who do not showcase any inert growth within me, but wish to siphon away whatever energy I have in hopes that I grow either obedient to their whim or can be carrot-led in a submissive way due to any circumstances I have, or they THINK I have.

And with Beyonce’s help, I’m breaking out of that this year before it gets too late.

I thank Beyonce’ for creating the anthem needed to clearly defeat the enemy within. No I’m not religiously praising her like a goddess, but as another person to remind me that all I really got is me out here and I cannot allow someone beneath me, regardless of position, to take me away from me. The stress, the anger, the anxiety: I release you this year.

Join me! If not from Beyonce’s summer anthem, then from just a strong mental health advocate. Nobody owns your time and energy like you and it’s time to take that back! I want to see much stronger people in the future than the ones we’ve carelessly left astray. Check on your people, drink water, love yourself, and always create!

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