Least favorite 5 MCU movies

Alright, so I gotta be fair to the other paradigm. I don’t like stuff. It’s entirely okay and no one should be shunned for it. With that being said, here are my top 5 least favorite Marvel movies!

If you held a pistol to my head and asked me to name the villain or plot for this movie or I’d have to rewatch it, I’m not living to see this another time. A forgettable movie with a subpar plot just to usher the infinity stone storyline along, Thor deserved better. Too bad he had to be held as a barely hanging on beer keg character now that Waiti is doing his films. Maybe we’re meant to never have a decent Thor movie (Haven’t seen 4 so don’t ask me about it).

I don’t hate this movie because of the characters or the simple fact that it is indeed boring to cast a full-on comedy actor in an action series, but I was never a fan of seeing Scott Lang become the titular character while we’re made to just imagine Hank Pym as the original Ant-Man. They even tried to shoehorn Hank and Stark Sr. as enemies without any real heft and that was entirely a bad move on their end. Damn shame we’re getting a 3rd of these because he could easily be attached to ANY other character and be done.

Alright, if you asked me a couple years ago if I thought Captain America 1 was a good movie I’d have told you yes. However, upon a rewatch, I fell asleep and was well rested PRIOR to watching this. It does the basic amenity of being a decent intro movie, but honestly its boring plot made to further the ordeal of the Avenger’s first movie was only boosted by the idea that there was something better coming just around the corner. If this movie released further from Avengers 1, it’d be a bomb.

Imagine: an Iron Man villain so misconstrued that had to find solstice for him in Shang-Chi almost 10 years later. This throwaway of a movie was just a vehicle to showcase Tony losing his chest core so that he could begin the merchandising franchise he was meant to be. Honestly not too much of a bad film (Iron Man 2 was ALMOST here), but the kid scene was a big slowdown I didn’t need. It’s rougher because the inconsistencies are all over the place when you consider Tony destroyed his suits and stopped being reliant upon them only to…

…instantly have separate suits to combat the Hulk in this movie without realizing how dumb that was in hindsight. The mutant children of Magneto incest twins Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver make an appearance here as Hydra experiments that begin to turn good, as well as Jarvis making his official appearance as Vision, the organic super computer. Wanna know who couldn’t be bothered to be here? Thor, who escaped to go shoot scenes for Thor Ragnorak for a bit. Not a thrilling movie, with a dumbed-down plot for Ultron (who should’ve gotten the Thanos treatment, but I’m good on that now), and a host of subplots too busy to set up the next Captain America movie more so than the ones they were in.

And that’s my 5 least favorites, with an honorable mention to Guardians of the Galaxy because I’ve been wanting to punch Chris Pratt for a while and Spider-Man because Andrew Garfield is my absolute favorite actor for the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and I don’t care! Let me know how my list…listed with you. Do you have some favorites? Maybe I misread a movie and you should tell me off let me know what the film meant for you. However whenever, enjoy and don’t forget to read my favorite MCU movie list here!

(And yes, a DCEU list is coming. It’ll be harder considering the circumstances of that company right now.)

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