When should a man be in a woman’s business?

If you answered with anything other than “never”, then you are wrong. Miss me with that misogynistic shit.

I’ve seen too many men (The Supreme Court being on the top of this list) involved with women’s business and it’s time we addressed WHY we don’t need to be involved and what you can do when you see someone out of line.

I’ve been in wonderful debates that spark mainly when a maidenless fellow with an uneven hairline decides to gauge how much of a fuck nut he can be with “Why do women do (woman thing in a vague male setting)?”

Mainly it’s: Women playing video games, women watching Korean dramas, women wearing Jordans. ANYTHING that a woman just so happens to enjoy. It’s usually followed up with this sob story:

“When I was in high school, girls wouldn’t talk to me because I played video games and watched anime. Now their all watching anime and playing videos games FUCK THEM! They’re fake as hell and we should do something about it!”

Maidenless behavior.

I choose the option to both A: boo this man and whatever he does for the rest of his life and B: stay outta women’s business.

I couldn’t care less on the how and the why, an enjoyed medium should never be questioned based on sex.

Unless you’re a pedophile, then yeah let’s get you locked up.

In short: Nobody gives a damn on how you were “supposedly treated for doing things” years ago, nobody needs your transgressions now. Seek therapy and drink water.

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