My Blogging Journey #2: I don’t wish you a happy July 4th.

Good evening everyone! I see we’ve reached the patriotism SuperBowl of the year already and I wanted to sort’ve talk about what it truly means to a lot of people who both look like me and think like me as well as others who don’t share those same attributes, but are on the same side as me. To the few who are using this as a day off to sit with family and enjoy each other or are using it as a time to maybe get the holiday pay from a job that probably doesn’t wish to pay you a living wage, I specifically wish you a happy July 4th and please save me a plate!

To the rest of you who take heed to roust the idea of a “freedom celebration” in our country and desecrate your flag in barbeque sauce napkins and ignore the plight of millions of Americans last week losing a basic healthcare right:

Go fuck yourselves and I hope that gas runs 8 bucks a gallon so your shitty Ford pickups become luxury vehicles.

This country has never been a sound ideology of “the land of the free” and it’s a yearly reminder that everyone needs. No, you don’t get to throw any insane facts about “If you don’t like it, then leave!” when someone tells you of the ills of history that had to be experienced for you to even “get here”. Hell, you want to talk about the privilege of living in this “great country” when this shit happens damn near DAILY!

The puffed-out chests of Americans too blind or ignorant of the plight of the fellow Americans who are suffering around them is all to a familiar sight and the idea that it’s worse anywhere else is exactly what this blog post is about to uncover. Do you know other countries have “abolished free speech” to silence racism in common forums, both private and public? Golly, that doesn’t sound too bad now does it?

And before you get all puffy about it free speech has fuck all to do with your voice being used to promote a selfish, hateful rhetoric and all to do of how your government can physically silence or enhance you as a citizen. I wish we could do high school US history pop quiz on the public at the drop of a hat to consider if you need an extra semester in high school for not knowing a damn thing about anything. “Best country in the world”, but we’re behind over 7 countries in scholastic ventures.

Don’t lump me into any political parties. Both of them sicken me, especially after the overturning of Roe V Wade.

Go flip your meat so it doesn’t burn and I’ll be back later to blog about some more lighthearted (I think you can call it that) stuff.

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