My Blogging Journey #1

Hey, thanks for sticking it out with me on this move to WordPress! If you’re not someone who’s been following me from Blogger or are recently finding me off of WordPress reader then let me establish myself a bit more away from all of the blogs I’ve recently reposted. Hopefully, my older content gave you insight enough to make you want to stick around and learn more, but I’m hoping my future content will.

So, I’ve been blogging for a LONG time. Either it be Blogger (before Google bought it), Facebook, or Twitter essentially. Most of my blogging has been more vocal and with people I can depend on to either listen or to be the wall I need to vent to. I’m super opinionated and have WAY too much to say, but sometimes I tend to have WAY too less to say and no energy to convey even that.

What I’m trying to say is: I’m terrible with basic blogging.

Sure, it seems like I’ve got a handle on it (I’m HOPING it looks like that), but in reality, sitting on my laptop without a basis of topics scares me. I don’t want to just rant, but it’s like I should start doing a few honestly. The world isn’t as secure as it looked from the handle of my first Bomb Pop as a kid and it’s even scarier thinking about my kids now growing up in all of this.

But I wanted to kinda say this, both here and elsewhere on my site.

I’m a freelance writer, looking for work. This site is mainly made to be a hub of both my works and my diligence as a content writer. I’m very positive that I’ve reached a few people scratching their heads like “He has written fiction and erotica, and he blogs. What is he doing?!” If it’s confusing, it’s because I’ve been advertising my blog like a maniac instead of finite focusing on what it is I want and I’m working on that. Bare with me, please.

I do promise that I’ll be making more wanton content that’s suited for the everyday reader, as well as content for potential clients. I recently started a series where I review certain places locally in my state and even random lists of things people might want to read on. I’m just gonna pour content onto here and if you have any suggestions or even want to be a part of it, I’m all ears! I’m seriously doing this for YOU, reader!

In short, please consider taking a tour of my site and let me know if something isn’t working or if you need more information on a tab or service. I’m essentially gonna start putting my actual services in a tab on the menu and see if that’ll clear this up.

I hope you enjoy the rest of this July 4th weekend and please remember to look after the disenfranchised in your community, especially women!

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