List of 20 video games that define me very well.

 Recently got asked to make this list after my last blog about target demographics led to me asking for the support of Indie game developers (Spoiler for anyone who hasn’t read it). I have to say, going back through my history of video games that have held up very well with me was an excruciating task considering I’ve been playing video games since the SNES (really PC, but no one’s counting me playing DOOM on my sister’s computer in college as a toddler.) Don’t get it twisted, this isn’t a “best games I’ve ever played!” list so take it as such. Not in any specific order, let’s get started!

Released: January 2007

    With this being one of the last RPGs I played on the PS2 reaching into the new lifespan of the Xbox 360, this felt like the last hurrah and boy did it complete that mission. The action-RPG element combined with a great story and post-game content, if I had known we weren’t going to be getting much of this in the future I’d have probably demanded more of a sequel instead. An amazing game, I highly recommend a playthrough of this, currently on the PSN store.

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