(REVIEW) KJBU Radio Podcast: DIY’s best friend.

So, I’ve been building up my blog and realized I never spoke about one of the projects I’ve been passionate about. If you’ve been perusing my blog you’ll notice the player above that hosts a podcast where melaninated individuals discuss the disparities of being a black consumer in a field that doesn’t represent us very well, but just enough to earn our money lightly.

I’m talking about the KJBU Radio Podcast!

TD, Mitsu/Westly, and Me

This podcast, consisting of my friends TD and Mitsu, is a general response to the constant entertainment media’s views on placating black culture without hiring ones who would better represent that same culture. For example, most of the “urban” movies and video games from the early ’80s and up were written by white men who clearly have never been anywhere near a hood nor a fresh bag of hot Cheetos. We’ve been given our culture back in weird spurts of micotransgressions and it’s time we argue back that it’s not good enough to see black hair in video games as an “I’m sorry”.

The message here is as always: Stop asking for a seat at the table and start creating a palace in the view from their table. 

We have enough creatives and enough technologically sound people to create our own games, movies, and art. Why stop at video games when we can make our own actual GAMING CONSOLES? Why beg for black hair in everything, but sports games when we can just flood the market with our own narratives and make THEM pay for the representation? 

If this is sounding a bit like black radicalism, then honestly? GOOD.

It’s honestly high time we went that route and left the peace road. It’s time to be a bit angry. Seems to work for everyone, but for us.

And no that doesn’t mean I’ve gone into the route of “hate whitey”. It means I want better for our people to be represented in mediums that rely on us to carry the culture. You can be pro-black and free to be accessible to everyone as long as it doesn’t hinder your motives and goals.

That’s the main theme of our podcasts. We also tackle a ton of sexual identity crises within the black community and the gaming community and personal hikes here and there. If you have a chance, check us out. I’m hoping that we get a few more people on our show and eventually turn it into a community and web hosting site in the future.

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