(Review) Immortal Dark Manga Issue #1: Trauma comics sprout originality!

I’m on Kickstarter (Link to JAZZ Kickstarter) perusing other artists to back and I happened to spot this! Another black writer who’s definitely spot on with his character designs and story. This review is based on the first issue, as well as a look into the second issue currently getting backed on Kickstarter (Check it out!)

Immortal Dark Manga Issue #1The story starts off in a tournament setting called IFC (Immortal Fighting Championship) which houses many beautiful character designs in the crowd, announcer box, and in the ring. With amazing detail and language, you can clearly see the writer drew from black culture with some of the terminologies. It’s refreshing seeing it used here vs seeing Marvel use it for…Miles Morales Thor. Without spoiling the first issue you get a really good glance at the supposedly titular character of the issue, River Savage. 

River Savage is an amazing great character in the story. No nonsense, really strong and focused. I think she’s my break-out character so far, but only because the only great people in the audience haven’t been properly introduced yet. I’m excited to follow this comic series and am glad to have sought this man out.

The writer James Church aka Enoch has one mission with this comic: To combat generational trauma with his writing. Church has an amazing team with him over at Black Minds Publishing, a black publishing company he also operates as the Founder and Executive Publisher. With his background as a trauma-informed educator, I am positive he’s going to enlist his own teachings towards his readers and showcase what trauma can look like in its many forms.

And honestly? It’s about time we assessed trauma.

Your favorite comic characters in Marvel and DC are super trauma characters in capes and skirts. There is no rhyme or reason why your heroes are in bat caves fighting criminals because he wasn’t strong enough to stop a criminal from killing his parents for almost 40 years of his life. There is no reason why a sole survivor of a planet should just become a symbol for another civilization that would study and dissect him if they could. Not once do you see a therapist sitting down with our caped crusaders and asking “Why do you feel like you’re the one who needs to save everyone?”

That’s probably why I love Injustice so much. They asked and he answered.

My overall verdict on this comic? Buy it and follow it. I have a feeling Church is going to bring a real narrative to the black comic scene we desperately need. Generational trauma is a LONG process in the black collective that we sometimes don’t ever access and it can lead to a long life of trauma for our offspring and community. I’m hoping this catches fire badly, and hope that my own comic can provide the long-lasting healing effects that can help shape our creatives into a more positive outcome. 

If JAZZ can’t do it, then maybe the next one’s inspired can. We gotta break the cycle first!

And shout-outs to the artists Batmandrew and Thirdphp on this. Ya’ll did the damn thing on this!

(The aforementioned artists were responsible for the concept art. The actual artists for issue #1 were Nodowdy for the cover and Sidney Lugo for interior art.)

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