Message to the Supreme Court and to the “virtuous” Clarence Thomas

 I woke up pretty late in the morning yesterday to my phone blaring an apple news headline:

“Supreme Court has overturned Roe V Wade.”

I was livid.

It’s not enough that we have men regulating a health concern for MANY in a country that doesn’t do much for the underutilized youth already in their definitive care, but now we’ve gotten a handle on something that doesn’t concern ANY cis-man. 

NONE. Don’t even read the rest of what I have to say if that makes you argumentative. Tab off and do something else with your time. I’m only going to get worse from here.

Some context: A lot of people are pushing for adoption instead of needy children for wanting parents. I think that’s an amazing step for a lot. Hell, I’m an adoptee myself and have gotten a chance to utilize that opportunity in my own life and want others to do the same.


That’s not the case. Throwing a child into the system doesn’t always include a happy ending and often does nothing but feed the jail system with fodder since NO EDUCATION IS GUARANTEED in these children’s lives. Not every child is chosen for these homes and there aren’t as many foster families as these people feel. The government is not viewing these unwanted pregnancies as anything more than SSNs with supposed future warrants and arrests for profit. 

I am pro-choice. It doesn’t mean I want wanton abortions to happen at a criminally large rate, but I at least want the people who have to hold and maintain these responsibilities to make the choices whether it be health or personal. It does not need to be up to people who don’t even HOLD those bodily functions. 

B. Kavanaugh better chill out as a sexual offender in a court robe. Yeah, we ain’t forget.

As men, we should not have the choice to regulate any bodies, but our own. Reproductive, socially, medically, ANY! 

It is our solemn duty to defend the defenseless and the voiceless in these times and to stand up to tyranny because THEY ARE NOT DONE.

And as for Clarence Thomas. I have a stern message for you, bruh.

I’m appalled, but not surprised you let them white dudes make you the scapegoat for their next game plan. I don’t personally know you, nor do I want to know you as it would cheapen the melanin complex I have retained in my own black business. YOU are a pawn and YOU know this. I watched you coon it up for your folks and even cry them house negro tears when Scalia went to join Reagan’s lobby in hell. I want to know when will it end? You think they’re gonna stop at gay marriage? Do you know what’s next? Interacial marriages. Don’t think because you’re in one that they’ll “forget” if they go down that eventual path. My advice for you? Repent, step down, and get hit by a bus. There isn’t anything else I need you to do. 

And to everyone else following Mr. Thomas into hell? Don’t come my way with that jive. Go on and bring that mess to your masters. I’m not having it.

Go call ya’lls peoples and tell them you support them and get information out to them about abortion safe zones and employment services that are reaching out to assist abortions. Get educated and get mad! 

P.S Clarence parents had a real good marriage.

Okay, only time I’m referencing Eminem on this blog in that light. XD

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